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  • Polefit™ Sets
    Polefit™ Bedding is the new revolutionary bed linen product.
    Our perfectly fitted bed sheet does not wrinkle and stays totally smooth night after night.

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  • What's Included
    • Polefit™ Fitting Instructions
    • Bed Sheets (Twin Pack)
    • Polefit™ Base Sheet
    • Polefit™ Beding Straps
    • Polefit™ Poles
  • Reviews We love our new bed sheets! Just as advertised the sheets stay wonderfully smooth and the material is very good quality. We highly recommend the product. Brooke & Pete Admitedly, I was slightly sceptical of the concept but once you have tried it, it is like sleeping in a 5* hotel bed. Changing it is easier once you have the straps set up which my partner had to do initially. My cat, Bob is the first one on the bed! He loves the smooth sheets! Thanks Polefit!™ Camille No going back I have had this product for a month now and I think this bed sheet is so much better than flat and fitted sheets. It really stays in place and is so much smoother than conventional sheets. It does take a little patience to setup but it is really worth the effort. Maria
  • Easy to change & totally smooth, night after night
    Polefit™ bedding is a revolutionary bed linen product, which has been designed with ease, comfort and style in mind. Held in place by an integrated system of straps and poles, the Polefit™ bed sheet remains wrinkle free and retains its super smooth quality night after night. Following our clear and concise instructions, fitting the Polefit™ system up to your bed is simple. Once set up, the Polefit™ bed sheet can be fitted and removed without having to lift the mattress, quicker and with less effort than a conventional sheet.

    Try the Polefit™ bedding system risk free with our 30 night comfort guarantee
    - wrinkle free, superior comfort and low maintenance assured.

  • 30 night comfort guarantee
    We understand that making the decision to change from conventional bed sheets to Polefit™ is not an easy one. To help you make this decision we offer a trial period of 30 days. If you are not entirely happy with your bedding after 30 days, you can return products and receive a full refund less handling costs of £15.

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  • How Polefit™ Bedding works?
  • 1The Sheet
    For ultimate comfort, Polefit™ bed sheets are manufactured using soft high quality 300 thread count sateen cotton as are The Polefit™ base sheet. The included base sheet, which once fitted does not have to be removed, provides an attractive cover for the sides of the mattress that would otherwise be exposed. The bed sheet has sleeves attached on all sides into which the poles are inserted. There are windows in the sleeves, which allow the straps to be attached to the poles to stretch the sheet into a smooth crease free sleeping surface.
    2The Straps
    Designed with an attractive herringbone weave, the straps allow the Polefit™ bed sheet to be stretched providing a more comfortable night's sleep. Polefit™ straps are adjustable allowing them to be used on both double and king size mattresses up to 34cm thick. The tails of the straps have hook and loop tabs making it easy to attach the straps to poles.
    3The Poles
    Polefit™ poles are manufactured using mild steel and finished in a high quality durable satin silver coating. The bedding set comes with a set of four poles, two shorter poles for the head and foot of the mattress and two longer poles for the sides of the mattress. A small flexible joint at the centre of each pole prevents them from being damaged when in use and allows them to be fitted easily in rooms where there is less space around the bed. The bed poles have a rounded end cap, which allows the poles to be inserted easily into the sheet sleeves so that you can change your bed sheet quickly and without effort.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • QQuestions
    Why should I choose Polefit™ bedding?
    How is Polefit™ bedding fitted?
    Does the fitted sheet work on all beds?
    Does the fitted sheet fit on all mattress sizes?
    Do I need to use a base sheet?
    How should I care for my Polefit Bedding?
    What is the 60 Night comfort guarantee?

    Polefit™ bedding is easy to fit and requires less effort than fitting a regular bed sheet. The sheet is held in place using poles and straps, meaning your heavy mattress does not need to be lifted. The bed sheet also provides greater comfort and lower maintenance.

    The sheet is held firmly in place, meaning that creases and wrinkles can be removed within seconds to give a soft, super-smooth sleeping surface. Polefit™ bed sheets are manufactured using ultra soft, high quality 300 thread count sateen cotton. The sheet is also smaller than a conventional sheet and therefore, is easier to wash and iron.

    The first setup of your Polefit™ Bedding will take around 30 minutes. Once this has been done, the Polefit™ bed sheet can be fitted and removed with less effort than a conventional sheet. To install the straps, it is best to lift the mattress off the bed. The straps are then laid across the surface of the bed frame. In order to prevent the straps from moving when the mattress is replaced, we recommend using a small piece of adhesive tape to hold them in place. This is particularly useful if the bed has slats. Once the mattress has been replaced the straps will remain in place. Detailed fitting instructions are included with the straps or follow the steps in our handy fitting video.

    The Polefit™ bed sheet is most easily fitted on beds where a substantial thickness of the mattress is exposed at the sides and foot of the bed. This allows the straps to be attached and tensioned without lifting the mattress.

    If the bed has a solid footboard the Polefit™ bed sheet is best fitted using only the cross straps. At the head and foot of the bed the sleeves can be tucked between the mattress and the head/foot board; inserting the poles into the sleeves makes this easier and helps to hold the sheet in place.

    If the mattress is largely or fully recessed so that its sides are not exposed the Polefit™ bed sheet can only be fitted by lifting the mattress to attach and tension the straps.

    Polefit™ Bedding currently stocks UK Double and UK King sizes of mattress and straps are adjustable to fit mattresses of different thickness. However, straps are only adjustable up to 34cm of thickness. Therefore, if you use a mattress topper of any sort, it is best to measure the thickness of your mattress before you buy.

    Thicknesses are not normally printed on the mattress labels. Therefore, the best way in which to measure your mattress is to find the distance in-between the seams and add 6cm.

    A base sheet is entirely optional. It is intended to enhance the appearance of the bed, as the Polefit sheet only covers the top of the mattress.

    To ensure the sheets do not shrink, do not wash above 40C and dry on a low heat setting. To prevent damage to the fabric and sleeves avoid application of excessive tension on the sheets when the straps are attached.

    Stylefast offers a trial period of 30 days so that if you are not entirely happy with you bedding after 30 days, you can return your products and receive a full refund less handling costs of £15. You can contact the customer service team via email at and inform us of your intentions within 7 days following the end of the 60-day trial period.

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    3 Reasons to change from conventional bedding
    Easy to fit
    Struggling to change your bed sheets will become a thing of the past as the Polefit™ bed sheet can be easily and quickly changed without having to left up the mattress.
    Stays crease free
    As you move in your sleep conventional sheets wrinkle and crease, but Polefit's unique straps and poles stretch the bed sheet to keep its super smooth quality night after night.
    Superior Comfort
    Uncomfortable bed causing you broken nights? Polefit's tightly fitted sheet creates a level of comfort and relaxation that can enhance your quality of sleep.