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The Full Monty - Double Size (Blue)

The Full Monty - Double Size (Blue)

Every thing you need to dress your mattress.

Double Size For Double Beds
  • Polefit™ Bed Sheets (Twin Pack)

    Polefit™ Bed Sheets (Twin Pack)

    Pale Blue
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  • Polefit™ Poles

    Polefit™ Poles

    Satin Silver
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  • Polefit™ Bedding Straps

    Polefit™ Bedding Straps

    Steel Blue
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  • Polefit™ Base Sheet

    Polefit™ Base Sheet

    Steel Blue
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The Full Monty set includes two Polefit™ bed sheets, one base sheet, one set of poles and one set of straps.

Polefit™ bed sheets are manufactured using soft high quality 300 thread count sateen cottons. The bed sheet has sleeves attached on all sides into which the poles are inserted. There are windows in the sleeves which allow the straps to be attached to the poles to stretch the sheet into a smooth crease free sleeping surface. This means that the sheets do not need to be ironed before fitting making them the ultimate easy care bed sheet. Polefit™ bed sheets are designed to provide a perfect fit to standard UK mattresses.

Polefit™ straps are manufactured using webbing with an attractive herringbone weave which has a soft feel and bright appearance. Straps are available in sets of four consisting of two shorter straps which run across the bed (Cross straps) and two longer straps which run from the head to the foot of the bed (Foot straps). The straps are adjustable allowing them to be used on both double and king size mattresses up to 34cm thick. The tails of the straps have hook and loop tabs making it easy to attach the straps to the poles. The straps allow the Polefit bed sheet to be stretched providing a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Polefit™ poles are manufactured using mild steel and finished in a high quality durable satin silver coating. The poles are available in sets of four consisting of two shorter poles for the head and foot of the mattress and two longer poles for the sides of the mattress. A small flexible joint at the centre of each pole prevents them from being damaged when in use and allows them to be fitted easily in rooms where there is less space around the bed. The bed poles have a rounded end cap which allows the poles to be inserted easily into the sheet sleeves so that you can change your bed sheets quickly and without effort.

The Polefit™ base sheet provides a cover for the sides of the mattress which would otherwise be exposed. Once fitted it does not have to be removed. The base sheet is a fitted sheet with a tight fully elasticated skirt to provide a close fit to the mattress. It is manufactured using a high quality 300 thread count sateen cotton. If you aleady have a mattress cover or are happy with the appearance of your mattress you do not need the base sheet.

Care Information

  • To ensure the sheets do not shrink beyond the design limit do not wash above 40C and dry on a low heat setting. After washing sheets may appear a little small but will stretch to the correct size when fitted.

  • To prevent damage to the fabric and the sleeves avoid application of excessive tension on the sheets when the straps are attached. As a guide the force applied at each strapping point should not exceed that created by 2kg weight, i.e. the weight of a standard bag of sugar. This will provide sufficient tension on the sheet to prevent any significant wrinkling during use whilst ensuring no damage to the fabric and stitching.

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