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How Does it Work?

Polefit™ Bedding is an integrated set of products providing a the most effective way to dress a mattress. The central product is the Polefit™ bed sheet which is stretched and held in place using poles and straps.  In order to fit the Polefit™ bed sheet the bed must first be setup which will take  around 30 minutes.  When this is done the bed sheet can be fitted and removed quickly and with less effort than a conventional sheet

To enhance the appearance of the mattress a base sheet can also be fitted which covers the sides of mattress.  The base sheet is fitted when the bed is set up and does not  have to be removed.  A mattress protector is also available which is held in place by the Polefit™ bed sheet making it easier to fit and remove than conventional protectors.

Take a look at the slides above to see how Polefit™ bedding works.

Does it work on all beds? Does it fit all mattresses? Watch this video to see how it is fitted