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The inspiration of Polefit™ Bedding


Whilst high technology has transformed so many of our daily activities to produce better results and make life easier the activity of changing a bed sheet has advanced very little and the standard bed sheet remains a product which falls significantly short of what would reasonably be expected of a 21st century product.


The most significant change in bed sheet design was the introduction of the fitted sheet by Bertha Berman in 1950.  However, whilst offering some improvement over the conventional flat sheet they remain difficult to fit, quickly become loose and crumpled and bring with them an ironing nightmare.


Frustrated with the effort involved in changing a bed sheet and the impossibility of doing so in a way which would provide a lasting result we at Stylefast set about trying to find a solution.  We wanted to find a way to fit a bed sheet without having to lift the mattress and in a way which would provide a perfectly smooth sleeping surface which would last from night to night.


The result of our efforts is Polefit™ Bedding, a bed sheet which held in place with poles and straps. The bed sheet is flat but has sleeves along each side into which you can insert a set of poles. The straps are positioned under the mattress and are used to secure and tension the sheet.  This system allows the sheet to be fitted with minimal effort and held securely in place.


Convinced by the results of our early prototypes we then proceeded to design an integrated set of products to create a mattress with a contemporary and stylish appearance.  We have selected materials to create a product with a look and feeling of quality whilst keeping the price at a level affordable by those willing to pay a little more to enhance their bed time experience.


After months of trialling the Polefit™ bed sheet we wouldn’t consider returning to conventional sheets. Whilst eliminating the effort to change a bed and the tedious morning regime to remake it each morning, Polefit™ Bedding provides a lasting super smooth bed sheet with an appearance that adds style to your bedroom even when the bed is left uncovered.


Finally when it does come to change the sheet you don’t need to worry if ironing is not one of your strengths, when you fit the sheet the creases will disappear.