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Tag Archives: sleep

  • Polefit Bedding's Top 5 Movies About Sleep and Dreaming

      Considering we spend around a quarter of our lives in bed asleep it's no wonder that the topic of sleep and dreaming often crop up in the movies. From blockbusters to surreal comedies, family favourites to horror films that will keep you awake with fear, directors have explored the realms of possibilities within dreamland for decades. Here's Polefit Bedding's top five movies about sleep and dreaming: The Wizard Of Oz, 1939 Probably the most famous film to take place within a dream. The ...Read More

  • How to Sleep Better: 7 Sleepy Tips For A Good Nights Kip

      Seeking advice on how to sleep better? Read part one of our sleepy tips blog and search on Twitter for #KipTips for more tips on a better night's sleep. Sleep is vital to your health and well-being but now days there are a million things that can detriment on your valuable sleep. Here are a few tips for a more effective and restful nights sleep.   #KipTip 1. Unplug from the world with an electronic curfew   At least half an hour before before bed switch off your devices and tune ...Read More

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