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Stylefast Launches Polefit™ Bedding for Spring 2014


Providing you with a luxurious sleeping experience, a revolutionary fitted bed sheet developed by Stylefast is now available. Challenging the conventional way of dressing a bed, this unique product will make your life easier and also feel amazing every time you slip into bed.


Conventional flat and fitted sheets are difficult to fit and quickly become loose and wrinkled making the bed uncomfortable to sleep in and untidy to look at.  With an easy to use system of straps and poles, the Polefit™ sheet can be fitted without lifting the mattress and is stretched to create a totally smooth, superior sleeping surface.


With Polefit™ you no longer have the tedious morning regime of re-making your bed. Minor wrinkles can be removed with a swipe of your hand returning the sheet to its freshly made condition in a matter of seconds. Night after night, the Polefit™ sheet effortlessly maintains its sleek appearance enhancing relaxation and offering a more restful night’s sleep.


Polefit™ products are also designed to provide the mattress with a smart and contemporary appearance to add style to your bedroom even when the bed is uncovered. This means you can fold back the covers by day to air the mattress and during hot summer nights you can discard the covers altogether.


When the time comes to change the sheet you only need to release the straps and remove the poles. The Polefit™ sheet is smaller than conventional sheet so it is easier to wash and iron but, if ironing is not your strong point, don’t worry, when you re-fit the sheet the creases will disappear.


So, to experience a new level of comfort, to make your life easier and add to add style to your bedroom, move over to Polefit™ – The ultimate bed sheet!


By visiting our easy to navigate website, you can find out about the creators of this unique fitted bed sheet. You can view the benefits of Polefit™ bedding and learn more about how it works. Once you are ready, you can purchase these items using our safe transactional check out area.

For further information send us an email at and we will reply or call as you prefer.    “The smarter way to greater comfort”