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Sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity….

It boosts your physical health

For example, sleep is vital in the healing and restoration of a healthy heart and healthy blood flow, therefore, it plays an important role in your physical well-being.  According to NIH (National Heart and Blood Institute), regular sleep deprivation is likely to result in an increased risk of heart disease, kidney problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Regular sleeping, accordingly results in healthy growth and development especially in young children on the other hand, a lack of sleep can alter hormones, which regulate satiety and hunger, resulting in overeating and weight gain.

It boosts  your brain functions

While you're sleeping, your brain stays awake and at work, forming new pathways to help enhance your learning and remembering skills, in preparation for the next day’s use.

In addition, whilst asleep you undergo a process of consolidation, in which you strengthen memories or “practice” skills you’ve learned when awake.

It boosts your mental health

‘A good night’s sleep’ maintained regularly, can significantly reduce stress levels, making you feel refreshed, relaxed and in control most of the time. Also, as stress has a huge impact upon the physical health, the less stressful you are, the less likely your health is affected especially your heart, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Good sleep promotes emotional stability. A good night’s sleep contributes to a happy disposition, whilst lack of sleep can result to irritability and increased anxiety especially to an already depressed person.

So, cut out late-night caffeine and snuggle down with a mug of warm milk, ready for a night of sleep that will ensure you wake up feeling physically, mentally and emotionally reinvigorated.

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