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Sleep Facts : From Polefit Bedding

We know that our Polefit Bedding is a superior bed linen for a smoother bed sheet and a smoother night's sleep, but what are the facts about sleep itself? Chances are you won't know much but our sleep facts should give you an interesting insight into your life of sleep!

Polefit Bedding from Stylefast Polefit Bedding is super smooth


  • A newborn baby typically results in 400-750 hours lost sleep for parents in the first year


  • 40% of people snore in their sleep, humans are the only animals to sleep on their back, you grow 2cm in your sleep (decompression of your spine).


  • You spend one third of your life asleep; at least 200,000 hours. So don’t waste any more time arranging your bed sheet, with Polefit Bedding it’s always taut night after night.


  • Sperm whales sleep upright, sharks sleep whilst swimming (one half of their brain shuts down) and giraffes sleep in 30 minute bursts with their neck wrapped around their body


  • Somniphobia is the fear of sleep.


  • You move 60 – 70 times during the night with up to a dozen full body turns.


  • Polefit Bedding makes your bed ultra comfortable as it is stretched creating the smoothest possible sleeping surface.


Stylefast Polefit Bedding Bed sheets Polefit Bedding: Contemporary style and comfortable bed sheets


For more facts about sleep, search for #SleepFacts on Twitter. Polefit Bedding is the most efficient way of changing your bed sheets.

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