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How to Sleep Better: 7 Sleepy Tips For A Good Nights Kip


Seeking advice on how to sleep better? Read part one of our sleepy tips blog and search on Twitter for #KipTips for more tips on a better night's sleep.

Sleep is vital to your health and well-being but now days there are a million things that can detriment on your valuable sleep. Here are a few tips for a more effective and restful nights sleep.


#KipTip 1. Unplug from the world with an electronic curfew


At least half an hour before before bed switch off your devices and tune out for a better sleep. Quit the Netflix marathons and try to keep a time limit to online gaming sessions as this leads to an over active brain. Laptops, tablets and TV’s emit blue and green light that impedes your body’s release of sleep hormone melatonin. The constant stream of ever changing content from news feeds and social media online can be hard to tear away from at night but it’s a wise move.

How to sleep better, better sleep, Stylefast Polefit Bedding, best bed sheets Switch off and tune out: Avoid using electronic devices such as tablets shortly bed.


#KipTip 2. Temperature is important


Your body temperature needs to drop by 0.5 degrees to drop off into sleep. Hence why a hot bath can induce sleep thanks to the change in body temperature once you get out of the tub. Being too hot can impede sleep quality so ensure your bedroom is cool (18°C recommended) and invest in good quality bed linen for a better night's sleep; such as Polefit Bedding.

Polefit bed linen, premium bed linen, Stylefast Polefit Bedding, luxurious bedding Being too hot in bed affects your sleep; cool down by running your wrists under a cold tap


#KipTip 3. Watch what you eat and drink


Wane off the caffeine, skip spicy or heavy meals and avoid alcohol late in the evenings. Drinking may make you feel drowsy but it affects chemicals in the brain for deep sleep and heavy meals raise your body temperature as your digestion processes it which can cause discomfort. if you want to make waking up easier, drink plenty of water before bed.

Polefit Bedding, Stylefast, Polefit Stylefast, Stylefast Bedding, premium bed linen, bed linen Say no to Vindaloo before bed!


Keep an eye out for part 2 of the #KipTip better sleep blog next week and check out Polefit Bedding for superior comfort bedding.