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How to Sleep Better : Even More Sleepy Tips For A Good Nights Kip


How to sleep better? Read part two of our sleepy tips blog below. Search on Twitter for #KipTips for more advice on a better night's sleep.


#KipTip 4. Make your bedroom a temple devoted to sleep


 Banish the clutter in your sanctuary, or at least curate it, to keep stress levels down. Use soothing or muted colours, and remove the telly or anything work related to build an association with sleep and your bedroom. If street lighting is invading your room, get hold of black out curtains or eyeshades to block the light. Earplugs can help you sleep better by minimising outside noise that can disturb your sleep.

Polefit Bedding, Stylefast, sleep better, luxury bed linen, superior bed sheets Minimalist: Try Polefit Bedding for a pared down look


#KipTip 5. Prepare for the morning


 Leave your worries before getting into bed so plan for the day ahead.  Check that your work bag is packed, iron any clothes you may need, leave a glass of water on your bedside table for during the night and for as soon as you wake up. Morning minutes are precious so you’ll thank yourself later!


sleep better, stressed man, Polefit Bedding, luxury bed sheets, Stylefast "Why didn't I send this email last night?!": Tidying up your jobs before bed may help you sleep better


#KipTip 6. Pick the right Bed 


Having the right bed is essential for a comfortable and better sleep. A decent mattress that supports your posture, proper puffed pillows and a duvet with the correct tog level all add to make a good nights sleep. When choosing your linen, look for a high number of thread for comfort such as Polefit Bedding that has superior 300 thread sateen cotton.


sleep better, Polefit Bedding, Stylefast, luxury bedding, dogs in a bed, cute dogs "300 thread cotton: perfect": Look for high quality bed linen such as Polefit


#KipTip 7. Annnd relax and unwind…


Have your own sleep ritual where you wind down for bed as this will aid better sleep. Whether it’s drinking hot milk, running a bath, lighting some candles, listening to the radio, reading a book, however you de-stress; stick to the same times to aid your circadian rhythm, otherwise known as your body clock.


BathPicture Bubbles and candles: soak in and relax before bed


A sure way of a better nights sleep is investing in great bedding. Have a look at our luxurious bed sheets with our unique fitting system that requires very little effort to change.

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