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Bedroom Inspiration : Top Bedroom Finishing Touches

In the final part of our bedroom inspiration series by Stylefast Polefit Bedding, this blog focuses on the bedroom finishing touches that give your bedroom soul.

These top cool and crafty last bedroom touches will make your space your own. Now your lighting and textiles are up to scratch, what are the final features you should focus on? Here are the top 10 pieces and ideas for your bedroom from Polefit Bedding.

Art and Ornaments

Not everything needs to be functional in your bedroom, especially with finishing touches. Disparity looks better when it comes to decorative objects. Use collections of the things you love, trinkets you’ve picked up on your travels, sentimental pieces and curate them in areas of your bedroom. On windowsills, on top of a chest of draws in corners of the room. Old, weathered items can look smart and sophisticated.

Boost your rooms personality with a piece of wall art. Banish those university posters and bring out some classy art. You don’t need millions to spend, use Ebay to find gems online. Bright woven tapestries make an impact.

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Bed Sheets, Pillows and Headboards

The final touches to your bed can have a big impact on your room overall. Choose a bold colour, cool graphics or ramp up the cosiness with pillows and a throw rug. Typically the bed dominates your space s for a modern look try Polefit Bedding.

A headboard is a great finishing touch to any bed. Upholstered and padded headboards make for comfortable reading in bed at night as well as being stylish.

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Finishing Touches: Headboards, pillows and bedding influence the look and feel of your bedroom


Mirrors and Candles

Mirrors are useful when getting ready in the morning and they also add style and create a sense of space. Frames and the type of mirror can have a big impact on your bedroom. Gilt frames add a touch of decadence, bronze frames are striking, wooden frames are warm and natural.

Unwind in your bedroom with scented candles. Not only do they smell good, they look good. Always cut the wick one quarter down before lighting to stop the candle from smoking. Remember to never leave a burning candle unattended.

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One Chair, Two Nightstands

Make your bedroom calm and comfortable with another place to sit. Other than your bed, chairs can act as a focal point (or a useful a walk in wardrobe!) Another finishing touch for your bedroom are bedside tables. Your bedside table is your hub and gives you space for your night-time kit; lamp, alarm clock, book, glass of water are essentials.

We hope the bedroom inspiration series by Stylefast Polefit Bedding has got your bedroom design juices flowing. Thinking about those final bedroom touches like fabrics, lighting, bedding, furniture as well as knick-knacks will collectively make your bedroom your own. Let us know in the comments below if you have any perfect bedroom tips - we'd love to know what you think!