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Bedroom inspiration : Creating the perfect bedroom lighting

Follow our new series of bedroom inspiration by Stylefast Polefit Bedding for tips on creating the ultimate perfect bedroom. This blog will be focusing on the ever important feature of bedroom lighting.

There are significant, positive changes of having carefully chosen placed lighting in your bedroom; it should definitely not be just an after thought. Bedroom lighting is important as it's extremely helpful in creating a relaxing mood. Perfect bedroom lighting will ultimately enforce a sanctuary vibe enabling peaceful relaxation but it will also serve a purpose when needed e.g. bedside, make up tables and above wardrobes.  Let's look at the many ways you could implement practicality and relaxation lighting to give you some perfect bedroom lighting inspiration.




Make up / Dressing table lighting

Having your make up table next to the window is perfect but it's no good when it's early morning or late night when you're getting ready to leave the house. There are 3 features to consider when choosing the perfect make up table lighting.

bedroom inspiration, bedroom lighting, make up table lighting, make up table

1) The type of light bulb. Ideally your light bulbs should have a high CRI number ( Colour Rendering Index), this means it is most true to providing natural light; a bulb with 90 or above is perfect.

2) The position of your lights should be directly or as close to shining from the front of your face- balanced on either side of a mirror is perfect, lights above or below your face will simply create to many shadows for you.

3) Dimmer option. For ultimate practicality, having your make up table lights enabled with a dimmer function will not only allow you to see your make up in different lights but it will offer the option for you to use these lights as a quick ambient light.


Wardrobe spotlights

wardrobe, sensor lights, lights above, wardrobe integrated lights, bedroom lighting

Just like the practicality reasons for the make up table bedroom lighting, lights above your wardrobe are important for picking our your outfit of choice for the day. Ensure that spotlights are positioned above a wardrobe or with sensor (integrated) lights you can position lights within the wardrobe so that they come on every time you open them.




Under bed lighting

motion lights, sensor, under bed lights, bedroom lighting

Whether you're heading for the bathroom or getting up to fetch something from the otherside of the bedroom in the middle of the night like the TV remote, these under bed lights provide the practicality to avoid stubbing your toe in the middle of the night as well as creating a tranquil soft light that is reminiscent of something straight out of a luxury spa - especially if combined with one our Polefit Bedding packages.


Bedside table and accent lights 

bedroom light, bedside table, inspiration, bedroom lighting, stylefast, polefit bedding

Bedside table lamps which are touch sensitive and can be altered to different levels of light are versatile at creating any mood for bedroom reading or midnight searches. Smaller accent lights can also be used as bedside table lights to add and enhance the overall style or colour of your bedroom.


We hope this bedroom inspiration series by Stylefast Polefit Bedding has begun to inspire you in transforming your bedroom lighting in one way or another, let us know in the comments below if you have any neat bedroom lighting tips- we'd love to know what you think!