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Bedroom inspiration : Using the right bedroom fabrics and textiles

Part two of our new series of bedroom inspiration by Stylefast Polefit Bedding for tips on creating the ultimate perfect bedroom. This blog will be focusing on the top 5 places where bedroom fabrics and textiles can truly up the comfort level when decorating your bedroom and how to use them.


Having smartly considered bedroom fabrics and textiles can have a big impact. From your humble bedding to elaborate textured curtains, focusing on the following 5 areas of your bedroom below can really change the feel of your bedroom, literally.


1. Pillows

Pile on the pillows to make your bed sumptuous and enticing. Sprinkle them onto your bed regardless of size, colour and shape as they work better the more you have. Pillows beckon you to sleep and add a dash of decadence to your bedroom. We recommend silk pillows for true luxury, they also stop you from waking up with pillow creases on your face.

Polefit Bedding from Stylefast, fabric bedroom tips, bedroom textiles, bedding, fabrics Add luxury with pillows


2. Rugs 

Bedroom fabrics don't stop at the ground! Tactically placing a bedside rug for where your bare feet swing onto in the mornings is a real treat in the winter months. Alternatively, putting an area rug underneath your bed can, in the words of The Dude from The Big Lebowski, “tie the room together”. As the rug physically touches and gets underneath furniture it creates a new space and distinguishes areas (sleep space/living space). Rugs also serve a practical purpose as they retain heat. Aesthetically, a brightly coloured rug can lift the mood of a room or a geometric design can provide a modern edge. Keep scale in mind when choosing the size of the rug for your bedroom.

pillows Tie the room together with a bedroom rug


3. Curtains

Choosing curtains that are a different but complementary colour or pattern from your bedroom walls can be effective because of the contrast. If your bedroom walls are dark a light shade of curtains looks pleasing and vice versa. Curtains are the gatekeepers of light into the room and compliment the overall feel of the bedroom. If light pollution is leaking in and affecting your sleep such as street lighting, install black out curtains, for more sleep tips visit our kip-tips blog here.


4. Carpets/Flooring

Choosing the correct laminate or carpets for flooring is essential, particularly for bedrooms as they hold in warmth making a cosy retreat. Stone and ceramic are simply too cold and potentially slip hazard. Conventional wisdom says natural, warm, earth and pastel colours are ideal for bedrooms so you may want to keep those tones in mind when selecting your shade of flooring.


5. Bedding

Your bed is effectively a large blank canvas so the design of your bedsheets can have a big impact on the look of your bedroom. Use a graphics print sheet for a bold statement and to set the tone of the bedroom. Oppositely, use muted tones for a serene bedroom. For ultra-modern styling, try bed sheets from Polefit Bedding.


Stylefast Polefit Bedding Bed sheets Make a statement with your bedding: Polefit Bedding has a contemporary style


We hope this bedroom inspiration series by Stylefast Polefit Bedding has begun to inspire you in transforming your bedroom fabrics in one way or another, let us know in the comments below if you have any bedroom fabrics tips- we'd love to know what you think!

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