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Bed Facts : From Polefit Bedding

Love, death, life, dreams, they all happen in bed; but what are the facts about your bed?

Not much has changed in the way of design over the centuries, but Polefit Bedding from Stylefast is the world’s first super smooth and easy to change bedding system. Here are some #BedFacts to fascinate you...

1. The word bed actually looks like a bed.

2. Your bed is the most used piece of furniture; so invest in quality bed linen like Polefit Bedding

#BedFact: Your Bed is The Most Used Piece of Furniture ;) Heavy Usage: Your Bed is used everyday so invest in quality bed linen like Polefit Bedding

3. Queen sized mattresses are purchased more than any other type; the word mattress is derived from Arabic.

4. Henry VIII’s ornate bed was recently found disused in a hotel car park – give your bed a touch of modern styling with Polefit Bedding.

Polefit Bedding, Stylefast Polefit Bedding A Bed Sheet to Show Off: The poles and straps of Polefit Bedding create a contemporary appearance.


5. The Sleep Council recommend changing your mattress once every 7 years

6. The average bed is home to 6 billion dust mites – Polefit Bedding sheets are smaller than conventional sheets making it easier to wash and iron

7. Polefit Bedding is the world’s smoothest bedding.

Balls on bed linen Polefit Bedding: so taut and smooth you could play snooker on it!


For more facts about bed, search #BedFacts on Twitter. Polefit Bedding is the most efficient way of changing your bed sheets.

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