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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity….

    It boosts your physical health For example, sleep is vital in the healing and restoration of a healthy heart and healthy blood flow, therefore, it plays an important role in your physical well-being.  According to NIH (National Heart and Blood Institute), regular sleep deprivation is likely to result in an increased risk of heart disease, kidney problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Regular sleeping, accordingly results in healthy growth and development especially in young chi ...Read More

  • The inspiration of Polefit™ Bedding

      Whilst high technology has transformed so many of our daily activities to produce better results and make life easier the activity of changing a bed sheet has advanced very little and the standard bed sheet remains a product which falls significantly short of what would reasonably be expected of a 21st century product.   The most significant change in bed sheet design was the introduction of the fitted sheet by Bertha Berman in 1950.  However, whilst offering some improvement over t ...Read More

  • National Stop Snoring Week: Tips to prevent snoring

      This week is National Stop Snoring Week, the annual event promoting general awareness that snoring is a condition that can be treated.   At Stylefast we like to promote ways to enjoy a better night’s sleep. Regardless of the comfort of your bed or the smoothness of your bed sheets you will probably struggle to sleep well if you are sharing your bed with a snorer.   Here are 7 tips to help prevent snoring:   Lose weight - excess body weight, especially around the neck squ ...Read More

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