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  • Polefit Bedding's Favourite Breakfast In Bed Recipes

      Did you know 24th - 30th January is Breakfast Week? Although of course here at Polefit Bedding we think you can't beat a leisurely breakfast in bed, when it comes to your morning meal that's unfortunately not something most of us have time for on a normal day! However busy you are, you should avoid skipping breakfast and ideally have something wholesome to eat in the morning everyday. Eating breakfast is vital to ensuring high energy levels, good concentration in your daily activi ...Read More

  • New bedding for the new year with Polefit bedding

      The new year for us means new bedding of course! Up to 57 percent of people only replace their bedding when they feel like it is wearing thin, but really you should be replacing your bed sheets (as well as cleaning them regularly) twice a year to ensure dust mite infestations and restless nights are kept at bay. The new year is one of the best times to change your bedding; it can act as a great reminder if you get into the habit and of course, new year sales are upon us!   Perhaps y ...Read More

  • Clocks Go Back: Our Favourite Clocks

    It's that time of year when we find ourselves reciting the handy rhyme - Spring Forward, Fall Back - to remind ourselves that this weekend we will be gaining an hour for daylight savings time. Here in the UK we can look forward to lighter mornings, for a least a little while, as on Sunday, October 25th the clocks go back so 2 am will change to 1 am.   We've been following this custom since 1916 when the Sumer Time Act was passed, however the idea was introduced the previous decade by a m ...Read More

  • Polefit Bedding's Top 5 Movies About Sleep and Dreaming

      Considering we spend around a quarter of our lives in bed asleep it's no wonder that the topic of sleep and dreaming often crop up in the movies. From blockbusters to surreal comedies, family favourites to horror films that will keep you awake with fear, directors have explored the realms of possibilities within dreamland for decades. Here's Polefit Bedding's top five movies about sleep and dreaming: The Wizard Of Oz, 1939 Probably the most famous film to take place within a dream. The ...Read More

  • 3 Luxury Bedroom Inspiration Pinterest Boards

    We have found three must-see bedroom inspiration Pinterest boards that would fit perfectly with your Stylefast bedding. Be inspired by these beautiful boards to make your bedroom a place of ultimate luxury and elegance. Inspiration 1: Neutrals If you are a fan of minimalism, check out this Bedrooms board for beautiful, simple designs. Simplistic, minimal interior designs with clean lines have become increasingly popular over recent years. Therefore you'll find many Pinterest boards that base t ...Read More

  • 5 Reasons To Switch to Polefit Luxury Bedding

      If you are yet to make the switch from conventional linen to Polefit's luxury bedding here's five reasons why you should make the change... Easy to Fit The Polefit luxury bedding system uses an integrated system of straps and poles. Once the poles are set up you are able to quickly change the Polefit sheet without having to lift up the mattress, so struggling to change your bed sheets will become a thing of the past. There's no more need to iron your sheets either as any creases wil ...Read More

  • Polefit Bedding's Favourite Airbnb Bedrooms

      Letting website Airbnb is an excellent resource for finding lovely properties to holiday in around the world. With over 1 million listings in 194 countries there really is something for everyone - whether you want a weekend away in the UK or a luxury stay on a tropical island. As much as we love our home comforts here at Stylefast Polefit Bedding there's nothing quite like getting away from it all! So if you're on the hunt for somewhere amazing to stay on your next trip here's some ...Read More

  • Spring Competition : Win a Polefit Bedding Package

    One lucky person can win a Polefit Bedding package worth £162 in our spring competition! We have a brilliant Polefit Bedding competition this April brought to you in association with the fabulous Love Chic Living blog. As spring is well and truly here now is the perfect time to decorate your bedroom. Put on those marigolds, dust away those cobwebs, pop open the tins of paint, or just change your bed sheets! The innovative Polefit Bedding system from Stylefast gives your bedroom a fresh new loo ...Read More

  • Bedroom Inspiration : Top Bedroom Finishing Touches

    In the final part of our bedroom inspiration series by Stylefast Polefit Bedding, this blog focuses on the bedroom finishing touches that give your bedroom soul. These top cool and crafty last bedroom touches will make your space your own. Now your lighting and textiles are up to scratch, what are the final features you should focus on? Here are the top 10 pieces and ideas for your bedroom from Polefit Bedding. Art and Ornaments Not everything needs to be functional in your bedroom, especially ...Read More

  • Bedroom Inspiration : How to Create the Perfect Bed

    In part three of our bedroom inspiration series by Stylefast Polefit Bedding will explain how to make the perfect bed.   Nothing beats coming home from work to a freshly made bed. Crisp ironed sheets, fluffy pillows, and a warm duvet helps you reach the land of nod and sweet dreams. Below are some useful tips on how to create your perfect bed that leaves you refreshed and recharged for the day ahead. Be warned, you may never want to leave your bed again! Start at the bottom: The Mattress & ...Read More

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