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About Stylefast

Stylefast is a trading name of Trifecta Ltd. It was set up to sell innovative house hold products offering both style and efficiency. Our first product line is a bed linen range based around the revolutionary Polefit™ bed sheet which has been designed and developed by the owners of Stylefast over the last three years.

Polefit™ Bedding

The Polefit™ Bedding range is an integrated set of products offering the most effective way to dress your mattress and, we believe, the world’s most superior sleeping surface which can be fitted easily and retains its super smooth quality from night to night with limited maintenance.  We believe the Polefit™ bed sheet also offers a smart and stylish appearance which prevents the need to hide the bed sheet under additional covering. This allows the coverings to be folded back to air the sheet during the day and during hot summers to remove the coverings completely.

We have set out to use a quality of product which will appeal to those looking for a little extra luxury and comfort when they sleep. Ultimately we hope to offer Polefit™ Bedding in an extensive range of colours to allow you to personalise the appearance of your mattress to suit your own taste and style of bedroom.  At this stage we offer the product in white and blue.  To complement the Polefit™ Bedding range we also offer duvet covers and pillow slips in matching colours.

We have been using Polefit™ ourselves for almost two years and would not now consider using a conventional flat or fitted sheet.  We realize that there is a little additional investment to buy the poles and straps and the need for a little work to setup the bed but based upon our experience you will not regret it.

Who We Are

The founders are Stylefast are a husband and wife team. Together we have moved the Polefit™ concept from simple home prototyping to a professionally manufactured product.  We are passionate about Polefit™ because it solves so many of the deficiencies of conventional sheets and we believe Polefit™ will ultimately impact bed and mattress design.  We are a small company but we will endeavour to provide you whatever support you require before or after making a purchase. In any event we would love to hear your thoughts about Polefit™.